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Fender cover 3 piece

Fender cover 3 piece

1. Anti-scratch performance: The mechanical fender helps protect your body from scratches, creasing and heat.

2. High quality: Made of durable and light PU leather, the surface of the mudguard is soft and scratch resistant. The mudguard cover protects the paint and easily folds for compact storage.

3. Strong magnetism: This set of mudguards has strong magnetism and hooks, which are easy to fix and install.

4. Convenient storage: The mudguard is easy to store, and can be folded and placed in the trunk when not in use.

5. Package includes: The package includes 3 black mechanical magnetic car fender guards.


1. Built-in powerful magnet: The powerful magnet is placed inside the leather, which can not only stick tightly to the car body, but also effectively protect the paint of the car.

2. Reinforcement of the hook: the hook is attracted by a powerful magnet and fixed in two layers, which is more stable and reliable!

3. Elastic band: The elastic band connects the hook and the cushion, which is stretchable, fast and convenient.

4. Fleece lining: The inner lining is filled with fleece to protect the body. The overall material is thick and feels comfortable.

5. Webbing edging: Medium/large pads are edging with polypropylene fiber. No fear of water, tearing, sunlight, abrasion resistance, stronger and more durable than non-woven edging pads.


Material: PU leather

Colour: Black

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